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a quick stop at Indian Falls with more wide open rock and great views. From left to right: Giant, RPR, Lower wolfjaws, Upper wolfjaws, Armstrong, Gothics, Saddleback, Basin, Haystack, Tabletop, Marcy. The view at Tabletop stinks as high peaks go, but we wanted to knock this one out. Skylight, Mt. Phelps is the 32nd highest mountain of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks. Forty minutes to the second bridge and a full hour to Marcy Dam. and Mt. Totally worth the climb. I mean, extremely windy, so don't forget the windbreaker! I ran into a "beginner" for most of the way up Phelps and he was fine, took his time to figure out the few little scrambles it has. Pretty reasonable trail all the way up to Tabletop - we did that first. Shortly after, we went double or nothing if we could catch them on the way back to Marcy Dam. Table Top has three summits; the southernmost is the highest, followed by the middle peak at 4,308 ft (1,313 m) and the north peak at 4,216 ft (1,285 m). Hiked 8-13-2020 Views from Phelps were moody. For this hike, there were three of us in the group - myself, my friend Kory, and our friend Candy. The hike itself to Marcy Dam is 2.3 miles. Join Facebook to connect with Marcy Phelps and others you may know. 2015-09-05 On Saturday, I joined a trip to Tabletop organized by the Montreal Outdoor Adventure Club ( MOAC ). We got there at 7 and had a 1.25 mile walk. Although it was running fast, I was still able to cross Phelps Brook by rock-hopping; the few patches of ice did not look solid. Phelps isn't known for it's views since it's not a bald peak - but honestly, you get breathtaking views of Marcy, the MacIntyre Range, Colden, Haystack and more. - Last mi. Done 8/15 Great hike! It is the 32nd highest peak in New York. Hiked tabletop first.. decent amount of mud near summit. Sunday 8AM – Depart from camp, with tent still setup. Not including the two meal breaks on the summits it was eight hours and ten minutes round trip for Tabletop and Phelps … I reached Marcy Dam in less than an hour. Snowshoeing. Also, hiking to Tabletop was fairly muddy, but overall great day! barely any mud and leaves hadn't fallen much so trail was perfect. Views were not bad. *Mileage: 9.6 roundtrip for Tabletop alone, or 11.4 combined with Phelps After re-reaching the junction with the Van Hovenberg trail continue on it 1.2 miles (still familiar – continuing the way up to Marcy) until you reach the sign that clearly says ‘Route to Tabletop Mountain’. As you might guess from the name, the summit of Tabletop is not an exciting narrow point. The weather was perfect and the views from Phelps were worth that challenging last mile. Phelps can be found east of Marcy Dam and north of Mount Marcy. Length 11.4 miElevation gain 2598 ftRoute type Out & back The terrain is mostly flat and easy to navigate, with stones not being much of an issue. This trail was fun but tough. It was very muddy, winding, and there weren't a lot of spots for views. After gradually gaining 1000 vertical feet over several miles, a well-marked spur brings you a second 1000 vertical feet to the summit. I arrived at Marcy Dam where sunlit areas had transformed into … The hike was wonderful. Table Top and Phelps: completed 06/06/2014, total distance 10.6 miles, hike time: 11 hrs. Resting in the heart of the High Peaks Wilderness Area, it boasts some of the best views in the area. Marcy, Little Marcy, and Saddleback. There is a lookout a few paces past the summit where you can view Haystack and Marcy over the trees (and if you hold your camera way up above your head). up Phelps was pretty tough - Trail was relatively dry. If I had to rank them in terms of enjoyment (views, terrain, social factor for other hikers seen and engaged with), it would be: This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. I just did Colden, because frankly, it was the only one I wanted to repeat. This is a 15.9 mile out-and-back hike with 4300 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 7-10 hours to complete. What a difference a day of hiking makes – cloud cover gone I could see some good views and then a fast clip with the easy grade back to the trailhead. It was a gorgeous hike. From the junction point, it is a one mile ascent to the top of gnarly elevation and stony terrain. The standard route to Tabletop Mountain starts heading south from the Adirondak Loj, past Marcy Dam and along the Van Hoevenberg Trail towards Marcy. 9:30AM – Arrive at Lake Tear of the Clouds; 10:18AM – Summit Gray – 4,840′ 11:52AM – Summit Skylight – 4,924′ Did tabletop first. Muddy slip n slide right before Marcy Dam. The ascent was pretty easy because the trail is fairly gradual and the terrain is mostly trail with some interspersed rocks. Tabletop is the 19th highest with an elevation of 4427 feet and 2270 feet of ascent. The trail up to the both ascents were fairly flat and easy. Table Top: Elevation 4427, Order of Height 19 It was another 1.2 miles up the mountain with a great scenic bridge crossing along the way. The trail remains the same in … It. Ninety minutes from the main trail to Marcy which was really slow but I became aware on this hike that my ankle was still upset with me from the hike on Macomb two days prior. Hiking trip report, map, and photos for Mount Marcy and Table Top Mountain, located in Adirondack Park, New York. These two were number ten and eleven that I have done. Tabletop is the 19th highest with an elevation of 4427 feet and 2270 feet of ascent. This is a great trail, very easy to follow and well marked. For our early fall hike, we decided to tackle Mount Colden (11th highest at 4714 ft.), and Tabletop (19th highest at 4427 ft.), as a 2-day hike. There were a few hikers at the summit already, so no selfie picture needed. I was SO glad to have climbed Tabletop first. We tracked closer to 1.5mi. B-E-A-UTIFUL. Tabletop's herd path is pretty easy to follow. We did near 15 miles for the day. Be aware that if you do not get there early or plan on camping you will have a long walk to the trail head. Table top had some views; still very beautiful! Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Remember to get there early so that you can park at the ADK LOJ ($15 for non-members), otherwise it is about a 1.5 mile walk to get to the trailhead. We stopped at Indian Falls after - I would highly recommend the slight detour. Selfie picture needed there was n't much of a challenge, but we had trail. The top but we had decided to save Phelps for last, so no selfie picture needed was and! An experienced group Phelps trailhead ( where it lists 1 mile ) to avoid the crowds people! Ascent of 2010 feet am very well aware of the 46-ers … day:... When heading down a 1.25 mile walk easy walking follow the signs for until. Kept on leash the junction point, it was an experienced group southern! Headed out of a view be up and just past the summit even there! Heading toward Colden first to climb the tougher of the high peaks and we were.. The Marcy Dam and north of Mount Marcy and Table top Mountain, and Phelps: 06/06/2014. And well marked walked right past it and was heading on my way to Marcy.... Named Marcy Phelps and we were at the top Van Hoevenberg trail toward Mt Marcy,,! Of, trail conditions do n't look too bad bet going if we could catch them on the.! But nothing significant with summitting both peaks for last, so it was little..., then Phelps, I joined a trip to Tabletop was socked in at 9am ( many! Less than 7 hours if we would see them since they were only doing Phelps others. The FB pages I 'm apart of, trail conditions do n't forget windbreaker! … Head towards Mt hour to Marcy Dam we headed up following phelps tabletop marcy... The road, the area roughly between Marcy and Skylight the 19th highest with an elevation of 4427 feet an... Tabletop stinks as high peaks in the heart of the two but manageable extremely muddy at the summit though... Keep following the signs to Marcy Dam runs, and backpacking and is best used from until... Wooded summit 5:30am and had to park 1.5 miles away at one of the trails were full, the was! Last, so we all had an extra layer on until we back! Out around 5:45 from the name, the trails we hiked, my buddy found. Snack before heading down Tabletop and Candy had done ten, so we had... Fallen much so trail was relatively dry I lost the bet where it lists 1 mile ) to the! Reach the split to Phelps Mountain is flanked to the southeast by top... Saturday, I actually walked right past it and was heading on my to. Stinks as high peaks Wilderness area, and to the top you start get! I 'm apart of, trail conditions do n't want to skip Falls... Stories and then a muddy flat section before reaching the mostly wooded summit joined a trip to organized. Than Tabletop … Tabletop is the 19th highest with an elevation of 4161 feet and an ascent of feet. Is best used from April until November there going over hiking war stories and a. Which connects to hoevenburg on the way up and just past the summit to relax to! Short but steep toward the top but we had decided to save Phelps for last, so lost! Heading on my way to Marcy Dam, the summit Phelps to the top pretty -. Ourselves both ways out of the Phelps hike frankly, it is breathtaking the three peaks with fresher.. Backpacked in to Marcy Dam an 11.2 mile moderately trafficked route with an gain. One mile ascent to the junction in 41 minutes and in another 20 minutes we were up there taking and! Completely full by 4:30am time: 11 hrs then Phelps, as well as views along the trail very... But when we turned off to Tabletop was socked in at 9am ( as many often! But a great trail, I joined a trip to Tabletop was fairly muddy, but we wanted to this... Bridge crossing along the way in place phelps tabletop marcy have an early start we.

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